Italian PM Giuseppe Conte speaks about the covid-19 virus

by Deanna Maria R & Emmy Hikins

Italy was hit hard by covid-19 but Italian PM Giuseppe Conte believes, according to experts, that the virus curve for new cases is starting to “decline and stabilize”. Although this may be the case, PM Conte, considering lifting some measures, will not go from lock-down to complete economic activities overnight. His hopes, with the measures already in place, are that Italy will overcome the worst phase of the covid-19 virus.

A gradual process seems to be the plan for returning all economic liberties to Italy and its people. PM Conte confirms, on experts advice, the easing of restrictions may begin by the end of April for Italian citizens. Critics of how and when the Italian government handled information recommending lockdown measures was also explained by PM Conte.

He states that if he had to do it again, he’d do it the same. Why? He states the Italian government is neither “perfect nor arrogant enough” to think they are perfect. Things weren’t exactly done in a timely manner according to others but, for the Italian government it was a critical decision to restrict it citizens freedoms. He states that his countries economic system and government differs from China’s and that the recommendations were taken seriously but had to work in a manner cohesive with and for the government and people of Italy.