Interview: Cathal J (Part 1)

By Emmy Hikins

How was your act started? – 

In 2014 I separated from my wife. I bought a guitar to deal with the pain. The plan was to learn a few chords and deal with the grief

Can you tell our listeners about your act?

Think of Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen on a good day

Have you ever been in a band?  No

What are your ambitions when you first started?


Could you explain your music to someone that haven’t heard you?

Bob Dylan fused with Dermot kennedy

Where was your first gig?

Online on FB and then at an open mic

Where was your latest gig? 

A few years ago

Who writes your songs?

I do

who writes the music who writes lyrics?

I do

What genre do you feel you are?

Indie/folk rock

Why did you pick that particular style?

Music influences

What are your songs about?

Troubled relationships ( Ain’t backin’ down is a pop at the music industry)

Do you write your own material or mainly covers?

I write my own material

Have you made any albums?


Do you have any clips on YouTube?


What got you started in music?

Inspired by a work colleague/ I knew i could make money through streaming

What year was the act started?

July 2018

Best/worst gig you’ve played?

Best was my first gig and my Worst was my fourth open mic. Sound system wouldn’t work. I walked out ……

Which solo artist is the best you´ve seen?

Dermot Kennedy – Simply in a league of his own