COVID-19 Era Working again

by Deanna Maria R & Emmy Hikins

Italy has struggled greatly as COVID-19 devastated the country. Getting back to work and restoring the economy would be great news and a step in the right direction. That news came through earlier this week confirming that construction and manufacturing industries are now resuming business in some fashion. While this may be great news for Italy’s economy, what does this look like for the average worker?  

First, only private construction projects are resuming at this point and there are COVID-19 safety measures in place in order to allow workers to come back. Restricting the amount of people in the communal areas is only one challenge the industry has to face in order to resume business in the COVID-19 era. Keeping check of workers temperatures as well as wearing protective gear and adhering to social distances protocols as much as possible, is for now, normal business practices.

Prior to COVID-19, workers on construction projects would work on different areas of the project all at the same time. This will no longer be the case. Also, people delivering materials to the sites will not be allowed to leave their vehicles. With measures like this in place, workers will be safer but the COVID-19 safety measures, especially the social distancing rules, are sure to cause delays in completing projects. This is on “top of the two-month delay” because of the lock-down states the Euronews reporter. Only time will tell how working in the COVID-19 era plays out, in this case, for those in the construction industry.