by Deanna Maria R & Emmy Hikins

Frederic Yonnet is a harmonica player from France. He toured with both Prince and Stevie for a few years. He was just about to go on tour to try and revive the popularity of the harmonica when Covid-19 hit which turned his plans in a different direction.

He went from the necessity to play to creating a space that respected Covid-19 restrictions while allowing the Harmonic music to help revive and heal those in lock down. It gave him & his band ways to still be creative while practicing their music. So they created Sunday sessions, ‘Eavesdrop’. The people of the neighborhood listen from the comfort of their own yards.

In the beginning, Frederic was not sure what response these Sunday sessions would receive. The neighborhood he is from has many people in it and these backyard impromptu concerts have let him get to know more of those people. One neighbor expressed her concern over how important the human connection, in any form, was so important during Covid-19. These neighborhood concerts were just the thing for her because they brought her joy and human connection while being able to stick to covid-19 restrictions. Frederick Yonnet feels like the social part of social distancing has been overcome by the music. We may have to continue physical distancing for safety reasons, but the music keeps us socially connected.