by Deanna Maria R & Emmy Hikins

A glaring example of the effects of covid-19 are seen in India. Families with children, disabled elderly grandparents and pregnant wives walking down the street, sometimes with nothing covering their feet. Sometimes trekking 250-600km to get home after losing their jobs. After the lock down, this scenario became the norm for those who had no other means of income.

According to the video, there was little the government could do but one man did not see ‘no help’ as a means to an end. A reporter walked up to one of the family’s who lost their jobs due to the lockdown and asked how far he and his family had to go. The reporter, clearly upset already, was stunned by the answer of ‘600km’ & on foot. The reporter’s response, that came in the form of an action, went viral. He took the shoes off from under his own feet and gave it to the man on with no footwear. As the reporter tells why he did it, he starts to tear up.

This is the outcome for many families in India. Little or no means of income, unavailability of transportation and sometimes no appropriate footwear, which means some had to make long journeys on bare feet. At least in this instance, a simple act of kindness made a big difference to someone in need and serves to highlight the plight of many.