by Deanna Maria R & Emmy Hikins

The USA is in turmoil over the death of George Floyd, an African American man, allegedly killed by four police officers. A BBC news reporter was in Washington, DC near the White House covering the story of largely peaceful protests against President Trump. As night fell, the protests turned violent.

As protesting got out of hand, police chose to use violence to counteract violence. At one point, as seen in the video, a BBC cameraman was charged by someone, but it is unclear whether it was a police officer or one of the protesters. One young man heard in the video implies that some of the unrest comes from President Trumps alleged behavior and tweets in response to Mr. Floyd’s death. While all this is going on, the police try to take control of the situation by shooting rubber bullets into the crowd. What looks like tear gas was also used by the police in attempts to gain control.

Fires and vandalism, allegedly by protesters, was caught on camera. In one scene we see someone using an object in trying to destroy someone else’s vehicle. Throughout the video some type of fireworks can be heard going off in the background. In another scene, a group of protesters are seen tipping a car over. One protester claims that they are not heard so it is their right to “burn it down” due to the pain of George Floyd’s death. Another protester claims, “it’s just words to them, they don’t feel anything”.