UAE’s Mission to Mars

by Deanna Maria R & Emmy Hikins

The United Arab Emirate (UAE) is planning to launch a rocket to Mars to study its weather and climate. The mission-goal is to learn why Mars was once like Earth but now is just a hot dusty ball. Sarah Al-Amiri is the scientist behind the technology to be launched into space on a Japanese rocket. She has been involved with the mission for six and a half years with help from US scientists. She goes on to explain what opportunities would be open to people if the mission is successful.

Her interest in space came from the “vast largeness of space” and the intricacies of learning more about it. The spacecraft, called “Hope”, has been tested to ensure it can survive all scenarios that the scientists could think up according to the conditions it would enter. The spacecraft will take approximately seven months to reach its destination; that of the planet Mars.

A weather satellite on the Spacecraft will give a comprehensive study of the planet’s atmosphere and weather patterns. It will study different regions, seasons, and times of day. Besides the science of it Scientist Al-Amiri states, “This is something that we couldn’t fathom could have been possible to work in the UAE”.