by Deanna Maria R & Emmy Hikins

What do three people who are deployed through either the Royal Army, Royal Navy or Royal Airforce have in common? Why a bit of a laugh with the Queen of course? Queen Elizabeth shared a video chat with three people from different branches of the Royal Military to see how their deployment was going especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Able Rate Sophie Levy who serves on the RFA Argus currently in the Caribbean was the first to speak with her Majesty the Queen. Sophie Levy is a Naval Airman Aircraft handler. She told the Queen, “in the event” of a “crash on desk or any emergency”, she was a first responder. The Queens response, “It sounds as though you’re rather busy”. A subdued laugh is heard from all the participants.

Next the Queen spoke with Lt. Col. Barrie Terry who is on a UN peacekeeping mission in Mali as a strategic planner. He lets the Queen know that he has missed all the major holidays with his family due to Covid-19. The queen seems genuinely shocked and sympathetic when she asked, “And you haven’t seen your family?”.

Last to speak with Her Majesty was L/Cpl Shanwayne Stephens who has been with the ‘Queen’s Colour Squadron’ for 8 years. He lets her know a bit about himself by relating that he is the pilot for the Jamaican Bobsled team. The Queen quips, “Gosh” and asks how he is able to train since all the gyms are closed. He makes the Queen laugh by telling her he pushes a car up and down the street. At the end Queen Elizabeth tells them what a wonderful job they are doing and wishes them the best of luck.