by Deanna Maria R & Emmy Hikins

Captain Sir Tom Moore was Knighted by Queen Elizabeth at a ceremony at Buckingham Palace. You might ask, “Well, what’s so unusual about that?” This particular ceremony will be remembered in the history books as the first of its kind.

Captain Sir Tom Moore raised £32m for NHS charities by doing more than 100 laps in his garden during the pandemic. “Okay”, you might be wondering, “What’s so great about that?” Captain Sir Tom Moore is 100 years old.

The ceremony that was held at Buckingham Palace is thought to be the first social distancing ceremony and it was also the Queen’s first official engagement since the lockdown. That did not seem to matter to the newly knighted gentleman who was thrilled to meet the Queen and receive a special message from her. Holding his medal from the knighting ceremony, Captain Sir Tom Moore states, “That was really outstanding, it was truly outstanding.”

He was thrilled to meet the Queen having never thought he would get the chance. It truly shows that its never to late to fulfill a dream. As far as the message the Queen shared with him, he has chosen to keep it to himself. In the newly Knighted gentleman’s own words, “I don’t think I will tell anybody what she said.”