by Deanna Maria R

Image Source: dRem TGI

Music can transport you to places, touch your heart and it even has been proven to help with healing and can also have a calming effect on some. Music can be sad, lively, loud, soft & tranquil. It comes in many styles and forms from Hip hop to country, opera to heavy metal, new genres and mixed and everything in between. Even though it may be hard to fathom, there are people who seem not to like music. “But why?” you may ask while shaking your head in disbelief. Let us find out shall we?

Trevor Gear is a singer/songwriter & musician out of Crawley, UK. but not always. His musical ambitions were ‘interrupted’ by a career for 25 years in finance. Now he is back to what he loves, music. It has been said by fans that his lyrics and tone resemble the “late great Beatles”. Although he will deny it, Trevor Gear is a living Legend!

According to Cell Press (2014), there is a scientific reason for why some people “just don’t get it” like the rest of us do. There is even a name for it, specific musical anhedonia. For you out there that may still be shaking your head wondering what that means exactly; it is the inability to derive pleasure from music, specifically (Cell Press, 2014). How is that possible? Let us dig further.

According to the research, there are many reasons why someone would be labeled with this condition. For example, some are just less sensitive to the pull and influences of music unlike the rest of us. I know some people whose life emanates around music have just had their minds blown but it has been scientifically proven. Even as I research, its astounding to me that people do not have the ability to get pleasure from music.

There is another condition called amusia. So when you try sharing your love for music with someone and they do not respond like you would, do not automatically think they are strange, it may be amusia. It just might be some people can not relate due to a condition where there is an inability to perceive or connect to it like you or me. So remember music lovers, it may be that its just their preference or choice or just maybe they are not at fault.

Source: Science Daily-Cell Press (2014, March 6)