Drem Tgi the prolific singer and songwriter releases a brand single titled: Moving on from Yesterday, this is his thirteenth track release for 2021. Fans of his music are in eager anticipation of an album release from the singer-songwriter and music producer and hopefully 2021 might be the year that finally ushers in the fulfilment of that.

Drem TGi is not been know as a music performer and we are hoping that at some point after this global pandemic fans of his music might be able to purchase tickets for his concerts in the latter part of this or hopefully next.

The new song is yet to be available on major music streaming online stores like Spotify, iTunes and Amazon Music. Those who can’t wait to catch a glimpse of the new release can grab a free copy on the Music Market.

The Brit Pop Singer is currently signed to Deepstuff Records a UK record Label owned by Emmy Hikins. The Singer’s new release has been met with mixed review but his fans says the new single has not been a disappointment and the lyrics (which can also be found on Music Market) is too emotional.

Critics of the new single say however that more could have been done with the delivery and also that it’s too commercial-sounding in tone.