My wife for life 

She’s my wife for life as the lyrics goes literally from the new single from drem TGi titled “my wife for life” according to sources close to the singer was originally titled “my wife my life” and although the singer-songwriter is known to be single at the moment rumours are suggesting he might secretly be in a relation and hence the dedication to this mystery blonde. 

In case your wonderful about the “blonde” reference yes I did mean ‘blonde’ it’s no secret that the singer-songwriter likes natural blondes. There’s been unsubstantiated rumours that he did make an old flame dye her hair blonde once. I think I might’ve have said enough now perhaps it’s time to get back to the subject at hand. 

Deepstuff Records the Afro-Brit-Pop Singer’s Record company and publisher is yet to release a definitive timeline as to when all fourteen (14) tracks of the songwriter’s 2021 releases so far will be made available on most mainstream music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, tidal, Amazon music, Deezer, Napster, Boomplay, kkbox and so on. 

“Drem TGi with ‘My wife for life” can be streamed free on Deepstuff Records’ Music Market click HERE.