MY BEST LIFE Written by Rose Marian Finn (PRS for Music)810GQ)Performed by: Rose FinnFeatures: Tom Tyson: Guitars and BassDrums: Andrew Bates : DrumsBVs: Maria Morton, Pauline Robertson, Cathy Marcangelo, Chris Spruit 

BIORose Finn is a Singer Songwriter from the UK. She is influenced by Smooth Jazz but has a wide appreciation of music of all genres. She is a latecomer to music after receiving a gift of recording time from friends, otherwise she would never have ventured into a recording studio. During a debilitating illness which took 3 years to recover, she turned more and more to music and found herself writing songs. She has had a grounding in Musical Theatre and Stage Plays as both an actor, producer and director (amateur) but never saw herself as a songwriter. After her first song she continued to be inspired. She has been sought after to collaborate with artists across the world including, Spain, New York, South Africa, Venezuela, Germany and Scotland. She records at the Music Farm Studios in Cumbria. Her music is widely available on all major online platforms. She enjoys and adheres to the concept of Artists Supporting Artists, she shares and supports her fellow artists. She is still bemused at the level of success she has achieve in a relatively short time but doesn’t take herself too seriously and is 100% independent. 

In May 2021 she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and had to undergo surgery and further treatment. Prior to this she had committed to 3 collaborations and did not want to let people down, she managed to release them and they have all done very well. She is in recovery now and continues to improve but during this time she wrote her latest song.  My Best Life. It’s a song about being thankful for life, it is upbeat with a country rock vibe. She hopes it will be inspiring to those who may be going through a bad time. To live the life we have and be grateful for each day. The song features the voices of many friends from near and far who reached out with love and support during this time. She collected their voices and had them added to the track in a mass chorus at the end. This is her way of thanking everyone who helped.  

The artwork for the release features the remains of Egremont Castle built around 1130ad. The Castle must have seen many battles and warriors over the years and yet there it still is, standing proud. A symbol of strength, hope and endurance, it is still standing and so is she.